Special Needs Advocates in San Diego, California



We are a Multi-disciplinary team here to help you. Rely on the special needs Advocates at Advocacy Associates Inc, in San Diego, California, for compassionate coaching and advocacy services. Get your child started on a path to success with SCHOOL CONSULTATION, ADVOCACY AND PLACEMENT services designed to give children the advantage they must have and deserve. We have expertise in Regional Center and IHSS eligibility and services, also.

Our staff includes Elementary and High School Teachers; a Speech Therapist; Marriage, Family Therapist; Educational Psychologists; School Administrator; and an Educational Specialist. Some of our staff members are parents of special needs students themselves. We collaborate to help you. This occurs regularly, not only among ourselves but with outside experts such as neuropsychologists and attorneys, when necessary.

The Advocacy Associates Inc, Advantage

Trust the largest, oldest, and best-known advocacy practice in the San Diego, California area. We know where to go to get things done. Parents can get the help and support services they need, including:

  • Personalized Review & Explanation of Educational Records
  • Classroom Observations & Consultations with School Staff
  • Development, Monitoring, & Review of IEP's and 504 plans
  • Attendance at School & Regional Center Meetings
  • Special Needs Assessment
  • Development of Educational Strategies to Improve Learning Plans
  • Evaluation of Child's Current Academic Program & Related Services
  • Consultation & Coordination of Services with Agencies, including CCS, Regional Center, & Private Providers
  • Identification of a school or treatment program for your child if the current program is not working


Choose the advocacy group that is better and more successful than the others. We have more years of experience and a passion for seeing that children get what they need. Special needs services include:

  • School Placement (Day & Residential Programs)
  • Attendance at IEP Meetings
  • Special Education Advocacy
  • IEP, 504, ADA Compliance
  • Parent Coaching

  • Educational Consultation for Gifted Students
  • Psychological/ Counseling Therapy
  • Vocational & Transition 
  • Planning for Young Adults or Disabled Adults
  • Eligibility for Regional Center and IHSS 


Rely on our specialized and highly-trained Special Needs Advocates to help you. Don't wait to get your child started on the road to success. Remember, Early Intervention Pays!



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