Camille Jordan, M.S.

Camille Jordan, M.S.

CA Clear Pupil Personnel Services Credential; Specialization: School Psychology
CA Clear Pupil Personnel Services Credential; Specialization: School Counseling

M.S., School Psychology; 2003, National University, California
B.S., Psychology, minor in chemistry & pre-med; 1999, Weber State University, Utah

Community Resource Consultant, 2010-present, Supporting children via community resources.
School Psychologist and Counselor, 2003-2007

RESOURCE CONSULTANT for parents of children with special needs
•    Camille is knowledgeable about obtaining or enhancing community resources for which a child may qualify, such as Regional Center, Medi-Cal, In-Home Support Services (IHSS), & California Children’s Services (CCS).
•    She has obtained many services for clients in need of Secondary Medical Insurance, Adaptive Equipment, and/or Protective Supervision with IHSS.  
•    Camille supports parent efforts to knowledgeably complete forms such as relevant agency Applications, Intake Assessments, and Requests and Appeals. She is experienced regarding effective terminology used on the forms which can directly affect the approval or enhancement of services granted.  
•    She can participate in meetings with agency personnel (e.g. accompany parents to appointments with social workers) to ensure the optimum service or support is provided by the public agency responsible for addressing the needs of each child.  
•    Camille will suggest to parents various specialists in their community who work directly with children with Developmental Disabilities such as dentists, optometrists, hairstylists, etc. She knows children with severe special needs may have difficulty responding to service providers in these fields.  
•    Camille is familiar with specialists who provide indirect but necessary support to those with special needs, such as insurance & medical management advocates and attorneys, because she has experience utilizing these services both as a professional and as a parent with a child who has special needs.  

As a School Psychologist and School Counselor, Camille has conducted meetings (SST/IEP), held conferences, administered psychological tests to determine eligibility for Special Education & Handicapping Conditions, and reviewed IEP paperwork to strengthen IEP goals, DIS services & support.  She has been responsible for Data Collection and composition of Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP).  Camille has also conducted ongoing group and individual counseling sessions with students regarding evaluations, discipline difficulties and decision-making skills.