Advocacy: Navigating the special education system can be daunting and confusing. We work with you to review existing IEP documents and assessments, determine if services being provided are appropriate and support you in understanding special education processes. We help families obtain special education evaluations where appropriate. We also help support the creation and implementation of Section 504 plans for students who do not meet special education criteria. 

  • Records review: assessments, IEPs, 504 plans
  • Attendance at meetings
  • District-funded placements
  • Assessment, classroom observation
  • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Regional Center, IHSS support


Educational Consulting: An educational consultant works with the individual needs of students and young adults to find the most appropriate school, residential or gap year program to support identified goals. AAI staff visit programs nationwide and internationally so they have first-hand experience in which to tailor program recommendations for each client. 

  • Individualized placement recommendations 
  • Local schools: public, private, nonpublic
  • Residential programs for students with mental health challenges: wilderness, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers
  • Gap year programs
  • Admissions assistance
  • Referrals to funding sources

Parent Coaching and Support Groups: For parents who just need some basic advice, we offer parent coaching support. After an initial consultation, we review documents and provide advice on next steps for parents/guardians to follow. We help families understand assessment results and draft IEPs. We walk families through the steps of finding an appropriate school or program placement based on tehir student's individual needs.

Presentations and Webinars: The AAI team frequently presents for professional learning opportunities, conferences and parent resource groups. Recent topics have included: IEP v. 504 Plan, Building Trust with Families (and helping them build trust with us), and Career and Technology Education Pathways: How to Implement them in a Residential Model. We are happy to discuss how we can help organizations and groups provide relevant information to their constituents.